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If you know how video phones work, then you should also be familiar with web based video conferencing. You call someone from anywhere in the world and you can see each other on the TV screen. In fact, video conferencing is built to work best when used for big conferences, not for normal clients.

A lot of companies decided to use video conferencing as a tool for everyday use. There are always disadvantages and advantages when it comes to video conferences, and you should take them all into consideration.


1. Get a hold of anyone you need at any point during the day or night. You don’t need to travel long distances, so the time differences aren’t as important now as they used to be.

2. If all you need is a short talk, then a phone call is sufficient, but if you want a full fledged conference with people from different locations, then you need a web based video conference. For example, you can make a conference where businessman from Tokyo, New York and Amsterdam all participate at the same time, hearing and seeing each other perfectly.

3. You can use any type of visual program like PowerPoint to share information with the other people in the room, and everyone will have the feeling that they’re together, sharing information and ideas freely.

4. Using the whiteboards that come with the software, they can all collaborate on new ideas in the same space. This way, they can create plans or do new slogans and designs.

5. In some cases, you can even grant access to a computer to everyone, and they can see what happens on it. The more advanced the service, the more actions can be done, such as changing documents and typing from other PC’s connected to the web conference. If your company needs people to collaborate on projects, then this can help greatly.


1. The largest problem that people might have with is the price of web conferencing. Still, there are some cheaper options out there, if you can give up some of the advanced features.

If you do need the advanced features, you will save money in time, by paying more now, instead of paying for travelling costs and hotels for people flying in. As fuel becomes more expensive, the price of web conferencing becomes more affordable when you take into consideration the money you save.

2. Some things that people use to communicate, such as eye contact aren’t as well translated when it’s not done face to face. This happens for example when you attend a conference in the same room with someone else. You can judge him more easily than you would if you would see him on TV.

You need to know what you need and what disadvantages and advantages web conferencing has, before you make a decision about it.