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Video conferencing is one of the most innovative tools in modern business communication. Seeing someone face-to-face exceeds the effect of an audio conference or email. Furthermore, being able to record that video call for later viewing or sharing with various stakeholder takes this technology to newer heights.

The use of video conferencing to headhunt for potential employees is on a steady rise as companies seek to cut costs, save time and create agility in their recruitment efforts. Affordable and practical VC solutions have contributed to fastening the interview process. With today’s technology, video conferencing is merely a click away. Most computers are equipped with internal webcams and every smartphone has a camera with video capturing and recording capabilities. All you need is a video conferencing service like Skype and you are ready to start conferencing.

Our blog today discusses how video conferencing can be used for better enterprise hiring, while saving time and money.

Tap into a global talent pool

Using VC for interviews not only saves time and money but also increases talent pool to candidates across the globe. Flexible working arrangements are getting more common in the business world. As a business owner it is your time to embrace VC at an enterprise-level is now. It enables you to access talent anywhere and still cost-effectively meet face-to-face with applicants to better assess their skills and personalities.

Record for future reference

One of the greatest advantages of video conferencing is the ability to record any conversation. Interviews can be documented to review the interview, sent to a relevant stakeholder and even archived for future referencing. Recording an interview allows the interviewer to engage more in discussion and not worry about taking notes, as you can alway count on the video recording, if needed. Recording interviews via VC makes the whole process smooth, reliable and efficient.

Get visual cues

Predominantly, the first few rounds of interview in many enterprises is conducted via the telephone. VC is a great replacement for phone screening interviews as it provides the interviewer a chance to evaluate body language and get visual cues. This is not possible with a regular phone interview.

Save time and money

We’ve saved the most important benefit of video conferencing for the last. VC saves time for both the parties involved. A one-on-one interview conducted physically involves travelling and scheduling timelines. With the use of VC, travel expenses are completely eliminated, saving money and time for both the candidate and the employer. Another advantage of video conferencing for interview is that the potential candidate does not have to take a leave to travel to and from the interview.

It can truly add immense value to any company’s talent acquisition process. As a modern business, it is crucial to understand the various benefits video conferencing can offer as mode of communication.