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Net Meeting video chat is a remarkable development in the software field, which facilitates sharing of ideas, information and applications with others in different locations in real time. Net Meeting video chat is of great utility value since it allows multi-party desktop video conferencing. Net Meeting video chat and conferencing has developed so much that the host can change video settings during the conference, within the bandwidth permitted.

Net Meeting video chat provides an experience of real time conversation. It is an excellent video chat facility that enables one to stay in touch with family, friends and co-workers even at great distances. Video chat software allows users to create or join public and private video chat rooms, and send and receive online video.

Chat rooms are the online forum where people can chat online. Net Meeting video chat finds application mainly in the business and educational Web sites. There are several chat systems such as IRC, Jabber, and several proprietary systems of various popularity.

Net Meeting’s video, audio and data conferencing are based on industry standards so that one can communicate with business associates using compatible products. Video teleconference is a new low cost group video conferencing service. There are two modes of operation provided, namely the web cam mode and super web cam mode. Web cam mode gives a video which anyone the host allows can view. Super web cam mode is the same as the Web cam mode, but with a higher frames rate so that the video is smoother and of higher quality. The only drawback is the higher quality video uses more bandwidth.