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On April 14, 2010 Eyjafjallajokull, better known as The Icelandic Volcano, started reeking havoc on the business world. Spewing massive amounts of soot and ash into the atmosphere, Eyjafjallajokull forced the cancellation of air travel in and out of major European airports.

Hundreds of companies and organizations had to put business on hold, due to the fact key executives and employees were now sitting in airport lobbies and not at their office desk.

The National Business Travelers Association (NBTA) conducted a survey with Travel Managers who worked for major corporations located across the globe. Of the 234 responses received, approximately 80% or 187 corporations were affected, stating their employees had either experienced flight delays or were left abandoned at airports.

“The 234 survey respondents indicated that on average, more than 160 travelers from each company were stranded away from their homes, costing the company more than $197,000 in unexpected travel expenses.” –

The natural disaster in Iceland has forced companies to re-evaluate their business communication needs. Video and Web Conferencing is one way for companies to remove limitations caused by the environment, while at the same time allowing them to cut back on unnecessary travel costs and increase overall employee productivity.

Thousands of companies have already seen the benefits of using video and web conferencing, not just when disaster strikes.

  • Companies hold face-to-face meetings with customers, clients, prospects and fellow workers without having to leave their desk.
  • Companies offer up product support and demonstrations without having to send out sales and support teams.
  • Companies hold online training sessions for new employee “on-boarding” or to train current employees on new policies.
  • Companies remove economic constraints allowing them to become more efficient.
  • Companies have a wider geographical reach, allowing them to attract top talent and have employees spread throughout the globe.

By adding a video or web conferencing solution into daily business operations, companies are no longer limited by the acts of Mother Nature. Volcanic eruption or not, video and web conferencing allows business to proceed as usual anytime, anywhere.