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As the world moves into a new era of globalization, new trends and ideas are emerging day by day to facilitate humankind in its efforts to excel itself. New theories are making their way into people’s way of life and with the advent of new technologies the simple ways of working are taking a new turn. One such example is the Virtual system of working that has emerged into view in recent years. Nowadays, the business has taken a global view rather than the local view with big organizations having their operations in all major cities of different countries.

The whole concept of virtual leadership of an organization is dependent on the communication means available. Fortunately, technology has advanced to a level that allows business owners to communicate with their staff members using many video conferencing services available smoothly and regularly.

Let us review briefly several features of the video conferencing services available for contact between business owners and their employees and their usage to bring the globally apart units close together. Each feature may be used for a specific purpose and more than one feature may be employed together for more effective communication:

Sharing documents: Sometimes Virtual companies may need to share documents among themselves with no verbal or textual communication required. This may be a case where all instructions may already have passed to the employee for a related task by the business owner and only require to share the specific document now. Business video conferencing services on the internet provide this facility of uploading and sharing documents between multiple users.

Communication through text messaging: The business video conferencing service allows someone to send text messages to his colleague. This message could comprise of a set of instruction or a task outline sent by the boss for review by the employee which can later be followed up with virtual meetings or video conferencing.

Communication through chat feature: Online chatting is also a feature of these business video conferencing softwares and can be used for instant text messaging if one to one meeting or a small group meeting is required.

One way Communication through voice recording: If text instructions do not provide clarity for the employee then the participant can use a voicemail message to send instruction for a job. For a one way communication with the staff member’s voice message recording feature may be a good choice.

Real live video conferencing: For a two way interactive conferencing among two or more people, like a discussion meeting. This is one of the most expensive method but the most effective due to live interaction.

As you can see, video conferencing options and features have made life easy for businesses employing a virtual system as their way of communicating. It not only allows effective communication means between staff members but also helps in closing the gaps between employees globally apart and joins them together to work as a team and maintain the standard and reputation of a business organization.